Types Of Coaching
Basic course (5 month) for beginner
String practice, left hand finger practice, Exercises for finger development, building technical aspect for both Left/Right hand, 3 Major scale, 3 Natural minor scale, 3 Harmonic minor scale ( one/two octave), 8 bollywood song on lead, Introduction to Chord (Major/ Minor), Strumming pattern exercises, 12 bollywood song on chords.
Intermediate (5 month)
Few more Major scale, Natural minor scale & Harmonic Minor scale (two/three octave), Chords : Seventh, Major seventh, minor seventh, Diminished, Augmented. Finger building exercises on rhythm. Few more Bollywood song on Lead in different position Few more Bollywood song on Chords with different rhythmic pattern Introduction to Staff Notation. Theory of Music.
Grade/Certificate Examination Courses
i) Trinity college London : Trinity college London conduct exam for practical/ Theory Grade examination from Initial to 8th Grade at Nagpur every year in November month.
ii) Rockschool London : Rockschool conduct exam for practical from initial to 8th grade at Mumbai.