About Us

Take The First Step on Your Journey to Become a Better Musician!

I am Rahul, extending a Warm Welcome to you at Unison Academy of Guitar at Nagpur! The best guitar class in Nagpur
I have been giving guitar lessons in small group classes in a wide range of styles & schools for past ten years. My classes are open for kids, teens, and adults.
As a seasoned musician I am attached to known Music Bands/Artists & recording studios in Mumbai and Chennai.
Through Unison Academy of Guitar, Nagpur I offer to teach Guitar to students preparing for Graded Examination from Trinity College London / Music and Rock School London conduct in Nagpur.
I’ve designed a special course for pupil wishing to become confident guitarists, do live performances (stage shows), or getting into studio recording. You can learn about all different Guitar courses (Refer Course page)
My edge lies in my 12 years of tutoring experience, 27 years of musical background; the relaxed & super energized environment of Unison Academy of Guitar, and my ability to sync with & understand the cool-to-weird temperament of my students. What also sets this academy apart is the standard of training offered; as a rule, students get customized printed, computerized notes sheets & staff notations all through instead of copy-pasted-downloaded-note off the internet.
It is wonderful to have all kinds of students coming to learn Guitar here all around Nagpur. While some of you want to learn just that ONE SPECIAL SONG; many want to pursue it as a hobby, and some of you are more focused and aspire to perform live in a few months/years’ time.
Whatever be your goal, my focus is always on teaching you more than just that one song or make you a Guitarist! I want to hand-hold you on this beautiful journey; helping you develop ear for good music, and making a fine musician out of you.
I also organize jams sessions with well trained students of Unison Academy of Guitar every once in a while in the very studio where we do lessons and put them up on YouTube. Some years from now it will make for an engulfing visual to see yourself play some of your favorites tunes amid friends!
I hope to talk to you soon at Unison Academy of Guitar Nagpur!