Theory Of Music

Music Theory as Foundation
Learning music theory will help you become a well-rounded musician, and make it possible for you to progress further in your musical education. For students that have ever considered learning new instruments or writing music themselves, music theory will be a key piece in their musical journey. Even for students that are happy to play just one instrument, music theory will help them understand how music works and how to play their instrument well. For students that want to play music with other musicians, music theory makes it much easier to understand what their part is, and how to play well with others.
Though some students can find music theory difficult, the music teacher can help pace the theory lessons and make sure not to overwhelm the student. Learning theory at the same time as learning how to play an instrument will also make theory lessons easier to understand.
Music theory is the understanding of written music, and it provides a language for composers and musicians to communicate with each other. Students that understand musical theory can read a page written by a composer hundreds of years ago, and understand what that composer wanted them to play, and how. How amazing is that?
Music theory is very important for students who want to read and play music. In addition to providing an understanding of what is written on the page, music theory can provide students with confidence in their abilities, and give them the skills they need to progress in their musical studies for years to come.
Here are three reasons why music theory is important for students:
It Helps Students Understand How Music Works
Music theory helps students understand how a piece of music works. When learning music, students may be curious about how each note was chosen, or why a song sounds the way it does. Music theory can help musicians see the thought process of the composer, and understand how the composer would like a certain piece to be played.
It Helps Students Learn Music on Their Own
Without an understanding of how music is written and read, students can only learn music by ear and memorization. This often requires musicians to listen to a piece of music multiple times until they can play it by themselves. Though this is a valuable skill, how would they learn a piece if it had never been recorded before? Learning only through memorization creates many barriers in learning new music over time.
It Allows Students to Personalize and Adapt Music
Though composers had general guidelines in mind when writing their compositions, it is the personalization and individual style that a musician brings to a song that makes it more memorable. An understanding of music theory makes it possible for musicians to add their own personality to a piece of music, and make it their own.
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